Transition to Adulthood Safety and Security

Transition to Adulthood
Safety and Security

Questions Your Child Will Want You to Ask:
Are you helping me to learn to take control of my money and manage my services and supports?  Would a limited or joint bank account, automatic bill pay or a debit card help me learn money management skills?  What support or financial assistance is available for me as I become an adult?  Will I be able to earn an income?  Who will pay for my services and supports when I no longer in school?  If applying for SSI at age 18, do I need a representative payee?  Will your health insurance cover me into adulthood?  If not, how will I get health insurance?  Do I qualify for Medicaid or Medicare?  Do I have a supplemental needs trust?  If I want to go to college, are you helping me to find scholarships or other funding sources?  Can Vocational rehabilitation help prepare me for college or a career?


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