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Transition to Adulthood Community Living

Transition to Adulthood
Community Living
Questions Your Child Will Want You to Ask:  Have you talked with me about where I might want to live as an adult after school ends?  Will I continue to live in our family home after graduation?  Have you helped me explore different living options?  If I go to college, will I live in a dorm, at home, or some other place?  Am I learning about new people and places to widen my world and expectations for my life?  Have you helped me figure out what kinds of supports I may need to continue living at home or to move into my own place?  Am I getting the opportunity to learn and practice skills I need to live in other settings?  Am I learning how to get around in my community (learning to drive, to ride the bus, take cab, etc.)?  Are you helping me get training on safety and security issues?  How are you making sure I am safe in diverse settings?  Do I know how to get help when I am out in the community?

Adult Housing Options
PACER Family-to-Family Center

Adult Living Skill Supports
Transition Age Youth Resources Life Skills and Independent Living Services

Home Modifications
Home Remodeling:

Connect Ability Transportation Options