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Transition to Adulthood - Healthy Living

Transition to Adulthood - Healthy Living
Healthy Living
Questions Your Child Will Want You to Ask:   When should you help me start looking for practitioners who focus on adults?  Can some of my therapies be replaced with regular physical activities such as working out in a gym, using a treadmill or elliptical, or doing aerobics?  What health related tasks can I start to help with or do for myself, such as secure my own health insurance card, or keep track of my appointments?  Are you helping me to know the symptoms, triggers, and side effects of my disability or healthcare need and how to get help or interventions? Are you helping me learn how to talk about my disability or healthcare needs with others? Are you helping me to maintain a healthy lifestyle? Are you helping me prepare for and understand puberty? Have you talked to me about birth control/reproductive health? Do I have a trusted adult I can talk to about personal issues?  Do I know how to prepare for and follow emergency evacuation orders?

Transitioning from a Pediatrician to Adult Service Health Providers
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Health Self Advocacy
Understanding Puberty
Destination Adulthood:  Preparing Your Child for Adolescence and Puberty
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Emergency Evacuation
Disasters and Emergencies: Keeping Children and Youth Safe
Assistive Technology
CT Tech Act
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