School Years - Other Eligibility Services

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Other eligibility Services
There are many eligibility supports and services that are available to help people with ID, other than those that are provided by the Department of Developmental Services. An example of these additional eligibility services are listed below. You will need to check each organization to find out the specific eligibility criteria each agency’s specific service.


Social Security Benefits for Children -valuable resource for information about all of Social Security’s programs.

Medicaid (Title 19) (Insurance) – If you have SSI you can be automatically eligible via  Dept. of Soc. Serv. 1-800-842-1508 - 

Katie Beckett Waiver (Insurance)  – For severely disabled children up to age 18 not covered by the “traditional” Medicaid program, waives family income  (800) 445-5394 (Press #3)

DORS Level Up Services - DORS Level Up is managed by our Vocational Rehabilitation program, part of the Bureau of Rehabilitation Services (BRS), a division of the Department of Rehabilitation Services (DORS).  DORS Level Up is all about providing students with the tools, training and resources to work competitively and forge a path to independence.|