School Years - Daily Life; Education & Employment

School Years - Education & Ongoing Learning
Daily Life; Education and Employment
Questions Your Child Will Want You to Ask:
Am I learning social skills as well as daily living skills and academic skills?  Is there technology to assist me with school activities?  What does my day look like?  Am I in the least restrictive environment?  With whom do I spend the majority of my day?  How am I included with my typical peers?  Are you helping me explore school jobs?  Am I participating in volunteer jobs?  Am I learning about a variety of careers?  Have I started a portfolio showing my work experiences and references? Are you sending me to the school’s before and after programs that reflect my interests and what do I need to participate?

Assistive Technology
Standard Technology Tools Checklist For Middle and High School

Least Restrictive Environment
NICHY National Dissemination Center for Children—Good overview of LRE—

School Inclusion
NICHY National Dissemination Center for Children:  School Inclusion

After School Programs
After school Alliance—

Employment Resources

Great Expectations:  This publication provides parents with information to help prepare their child for a productive and meaningful future in the work place.  The emphasis is on setting high expectations for the parent, child and support systems at any early age.  Topics include the impact of wages on benefits, skill building in the family home, the importance of real work experiences, information about post-secondary options, success stories and a list of helpful resource links. Great Expectations

Employment Videos:  The Department of Developmental Services Advocates' Corner Web Page provides information and resources to Connecticut citizens with developmental disabilities, their families and professionals.  The website focused on self-advocacy, independent living, benefits planning, employment and health and safety topics.  It also includes a list of helpful resource link as well as the Employment Idol Videos.

School To Work Transition Planning
One of the primary goals of secondary  transition is to help prepare  students for careers and employment.  Research shows that paid employment while a student is still ins the best way to prepare for a career path as an adult.  The information and resources below may be helpful tools for working with school systems and other agencies  to set goals and expectations for employment.