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Adulthood - Healthy Living

Adulthood - Healthy Living
Healthy Living

Questions Your Child Will Want You to Ask:   Do I qualify for Medicaid or Medicare coverage?  Can I get my own health insurance coverage?  Am I getting regular physicals, routine exams and health screenings that I need?  Who else understands my medical needs and information? Am I being supported to help with managing my own medications, talking to my doctors and other medical professionals, getting therapies I may need, and participating in making medical and health decisions?   Am I being supported to eat healthy and be physically active?  Is my reproductive health being looked after?  Do I practice safe sex and/or should I use birth control? Do I understand the health risks of behaviors such as smoking, excessive alcohol use, or illegal drug use?   Do I know how to get emergency help when I need it?  Do I have an emergency plan?

Health Assistance

Treatment and Management of People with ID

Department of Public Health

VNA Healthcare of CT

Home Healthcare Agencies

Taking Care of My Health

DDS Consumer Corner, Health/Safety Net:

Good Nutrition Advice for All

Communicating with Health Providers

Health Care Visit Check List

Medical Information

DDS Minimum Preventative Care Guidelines


Guide to Healthy Living

Nutrition for Individuals with Intellectual Disability
Bone Builders for Special Olympic Athletes

Reproductive Health