Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request employment or other day services?
The department currently offers employment and day services to more than 9,000 adults.  Anyone who is 21 years of age or older can request employment or day services. This request should be made by you or your family to your case manager. Families of children who are in school should begin planning for employment or other day services at age 14 so a well planned transition from school services to DDS can be implemented by the time of graduation, which is usually at age 21. Employment should be considered as the first support option for all individuals who are able or want to work.

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How does the department decide who receives employment or other day services?
Your case manager will forward your request for employment or day services to the region’s Planning and Resource Allocation Team (PRAT) who must decide, using a prioritization process, who receives funding for employment or day services. Your case manager will submit an assessment of your Level of Need (LON) along with your Individual Plan, which will be used by the PRAT to decide how much funding you need.
Unlike educational services, there is no entitlement to adult employment or day services from DDS. Usually, the legislature provides sufficient funding for these supports for all school graduates. Older adults requesting employment or day services for the first time are placed on a waiting list and are considered when funding due to vacancies for existing employment or day services are available. If funding is not appropriated for all school graduates, they will also be placed on this waiting list.
If I am approved for employment or day service funding, how do I start receiving services?
Your case manager will notify you of your approved funding and will work with you to find a provider in your geographic area to provide the employment of other day service of your choice. You will be asked to enroll in a HCBS Waiver to receive your funding in most cases.  Your enrollment in the waiver ensures that Connecticut receives federal reimbursement for the cost of the employment or other day supports, which helps the department serve more people.  As a waiver participant, the state is required to meet your health and safety needs and you will not be billed for services. Using your Individual Plan and budget, your case manager will assist you to choose a provider from among an extensive list of qualified providers. You also have the option to hire your own staff to provide supported employment or individual day supports.  These staff will need to meet certain personal and training requirements of the department. These requirements can be found in HCBS Waiver Manual.
Is transportation provided to day programs?
Transportation is a separate service under the waiver. Individuals will be allocated funding to pay for transportation to and from their employment site or day program. (HCBS Waiver Manual)