Customized Employment Information for Individuals and Families

Customized Employment (CE) is a service that helps adults with significant disabilities achieve competitive integrated employment (CIE) through a highly structured, time limited process.  The service is meant for individuals who have tried other services and need more support to achieve employment.  The Customized Employment process is intensive and takes time.  The Customized Employment Certified Staff Member will develop and/or negotiate an employment position that meets both the likes, strengths, and abilities of the individual job-seeker and the unmet needs of the employer.

At the end of Customized Employment Services, individuals should be placed in a competitive employment position.  After Customized Employment, an individual can transition to either natural supports or an Individualized Supported Employment (ISE) service placement. ISE Services can consist of on the job-supports and job-coaching.

Customized Employment (CE) is carried out over three stages: Job Discovery; Job Development, Negotiation, & Placement; and Post-Employment Supports.  More information about each phase can be found below:

  1. Job Discovery
    The first phase of Customized Employment, Job Discovery, is focused on learning more about the individual. The Customized Employment Certified Staff will learn more about the individual’s natural supports, community, relationships, and past day and employment experience. The goal of this phase is gaining a wholistic view of the individual so a Customized Employment Plan and Visual Resume (example here) can be developed. This plan will outline different avenues the Customized Employment Certified Staff and the individual will take to gain employment in line with the individual’s interests, skills, and abilities.
  2. Job Development, Negotiation, and Placement
    The second phase of Customized Employment is Job Development, Negotiation, & Placement. During this phase, Customized Employment Certified Staff use the CE Plan created in the Job Discovery phase to develop and negotiate a competitive employment position.
  3. Post-Employment Supports
    The final phase of Customized Employment is Post-Employment Supports which consists of job coaching and extended services. Once an individual is placed in a position, job coaching and supports will be used to help stabilization and retention.