Fire Safety Prevention, Safety Training and Awareness

Fire Safety Prevention, Safety Training and Awareness

The Department of Developmental Services (DDS) was awarded a grant by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for Fire Prevention, Safety Training and Awareness.  In cooperation with the Connecticut Fire Academy and University of Connecticut Health Center, the department produced two training videos, one for public and private sector employees and the other for individuals and families.

The videos are also available through local libraries, fire departments and regional offices of Connecticut Emergency Management and Homeland Security.

Note: Closed Captioning (CC) allows people with hearing disabilities to view the videos and have the audio displayed as text on the screen.  When viewing the video, the (CC) button is at the bottom left-hand corner.  When you click on the Spanish Videos, the audio is in English and the (CC) is in Spanish.

Fire Safety Training Introduction Video [Spanish]

Fire Safety Training for Individuals and Families [Spanish]

Fire Safety Training and Information for Support Staff [Spanish]

Fire Prevention and Safety Tips Brochure

Fire Prevention and Safety Training Updates

File of Life Program

DDS Fire Safety & Emergency Guidelines

Safety Reminder on Door Locking Arrangements

Fire Safety Budget Training Memo dated September 17, 2017 (PDF, 109 KB)