UCONN School of Business will conduct information sessions for the upcoming UCONN Business Mastery Program for DPH and DDS employees
When: November 6, 2007
Where: 470 Capitol Avenue (A&B Conference Room)
Time: Two Sessions - 3:00 p.m. and 4:15 p.m.
*Registration is not required
Session Highlights:
  • Presentation by the Program Business Manager and UCONN Faculty
  • Obtain insight from DPH employees who graduated from the program
  • Open discussion and question and answer
Please see the brochure for more information regarding the Business Mastery Program.
Note: If there are enough participants (20 per program) from a specific geographic location, UCONN will consider holding the program locally. The web site for The Business Mastery Program for Public Service Professionals is up and running and available at:


Looking forward to seeing you there!  Please contact me with questions or concerns.
Best Regards,
Lidia Gomes
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