Intellectual Disability Partnership Advisory Commitee (IDPAC)

Sec. 222. Section 3 of public act 17-61 is repealed and the following is substituted in lieu thereof (Effective from passage):
The Commissioner of Developmental Services may, in collaboration with the Secretary of the Office of Policy and Management and the Commissioner of Social Services, or their designees, organize and participate in an Intellectual Disability Partnership. The partnership shall form an Intellectual Disability Partnership Advisory Committee which shall include broad and diverse representation from families, providers and advocates for persons with intellectual disability. Family representatives shall include family members of individuals with a broad range of intellectual disability and needs, including individuals with high-level needs. Notice of the [partnership's] committee's meetings, agendas and minutes shall be posted on the Department of Developmental Services' Internet web site.

Pursuant to June Special Session, Public Act No. 17-2, Section 222, the Department of Developmental Services, in collaboration with the Office of Policy and Management and the Department of Social Services, is convening an Intellectual Disability Partnership Advisory Committee.  The purpose of this committee will be to assist in the planning and implementation of the work of the Intellectual Disability Partnership, comprised of the three state agencies listed above.  The committee will include self-advocates, parents and guardians of individuals with intellectual disability, and qualified private providers.


Andrea Barton-Reeves, Harc
Adrienne Benjamin, Parent, DDS Council
Barry Bosworth, Parent
Marina Derman, Parent, West RAC
Judy Dowd, OPM
Collette Langner, Parent
Kate McEvoy, DSS
Katie Rock-Burns, DDS
Jordan Scheff, DDS
Richard Sebastian, The Kennedy Center
Barry Simon, Oak Hill
Lauren Traceski, Self-Advocate
Elisa Velardo, DDS
Tracey Walker, Journey Found