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DCP Issues Hearing Decision in Case Against Justin Lanno, CT Heat Pros

Impacted consumers may be eligible for restitution and guaranty fund access

HARTFORD — The Department of Consumer Protection announced today a hearing decision in the case against Justin Lanno, a registered home improvement contractor, and his company CT Heat Pros, following an investigation into several allegations, including that Lanno and his company performed unlicensed HVAC work that resulted in significant damage to consumers’ homes.

Lanno elected not to defend the case. After reviewing the allegations, the hearing officer issued an order:

  • Revoking Lanno’s Home Improvement Contractor registration
  • Assessing $74,625 in civil penalties
  • Awarding $152,265.07 in restitution to the impacted consumers

DCP is working with consumers to obtain payment related to the restitution order, including helping them submit applications to the Home Improvement Guaranty Fund. Investigators continue to follow up on additional complaints that were not included in this decision.

“Many families suffered substantial financial harm and distress as a result of the irresponsible actions of Mr. Lanno and CT Heat Pros in these cases. While this judgement can’t undo that damage, hopefully it will help these consumers recover,” said DCP Commissioner Bryan T. Cafferelli. “The department is aware of other consumers that may have been adversely affected by the conduct of Justin Lanno and CT Heat Pros that were not named in this complaint. We will continue to pursue those investigations and administrative actions as appropriate.”

In July 2021, DCP issued a call for additional complaints from consumers after receiving more than two dozen complaints against Lanno and his business, CT Heat Pros LLC. Following that request, the department received more than 40 additional complaints against Lanno and his business.

Complainants alleged improper or incomplete installations of heating and cooling units, new heating installations causing issues with existing cooling systems, associated piping water leaks, duct work that is undersized for the space, shoddy workmanship, instances of work where no permits were obtained, unreturned phone calls, missed appointments, and unanswered requests for refunds. Lanno, a registered home improvement contractor, was never licensed to perform any occupational work, such as heating, piping, cooling, duct or sheet metal work.

Before hiring a business for any type of work on your home, consumers should be aware that:

  • Every person doing the installation of the heating, piping, cooling, and duct work must be licensed through DCP, after successfully passing their occupational licensing examination.
  • Home Improvement Contractors are not permitted to engage in any licensed trade work (plumbing, electrical, heating, etc.) without the proper license.
  • Consumers can request to see the licenses and apprenticeship cards of individuals performing licensed trade work at their home.
  • Consumers should review information about how to hire a home improvement contractor, including what to look for, understanding what should be in a contract, and if any permits may be necessary for the work to be completed.

Consumers may file complaints or provide information about home improvement contractors by emailing or calling (860) 713-6180. Consumers may also file a complaint online or chat directly with a member of the DCP Complaint Center by visiting and clicking “File a Complaint.”

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