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Consumer Protection Participates in National Coordinated Enforcement Effort

The National Association of State Contractors Licensing Agencies (NASCLA) synchronized a national coordinated enforcement effort

HARTFORD — The Department of Consumer Protection Occupational Licensing Enforcement Unit participated in a national coordinated enforcement effort in June, with a focus on large commercial and residential construction sites.

The Occupational Licensing Enforcement Unit conducted 44 licensing compliance inspections of various construction sites in Connecticut from Feb. 1, 2023 – June 15, 2023, and found a variety of potential violations including performing work without a license and commencing work without a permit. The Department continues to investigate several cases as a result of this enforcement effort.

“We were honored to participate for the second year in this nationally coordinated effort organized by the National Association of State Contractors Licensing Agencies,” said DCP Commissioner Bryan T. Cafferelli. “Our Occupational Licensing Enforcement Unit works hard year-round to protect the public by deterring illegal and unlicensed construction activity throughout the state, and provide a fair marketplace for legitimate licensed tradespeople.”

Inspected sites included high-rise buildings, a library renovation, single family homes, a school site, strip malls, gas station renovations and new construction, retail establishments, an office building, a large distribution center, and a large multi-phase construction site that included retail, restaurants, a parking garage, and a 3-story residential complex.

Potential Violations included:

  • 20-334: performing work without a license.
  • 20-338a: permit holder responsible for ensuring licensed people perform the work.
  • 20-338c: commencing work without a permit being obtained
  • 20-341a: acting as, offering services as a contractor without a license, hiring, supplying, directing, and allowing unlicensed people to perform occupational work.

This nationally coordinated collaboration was organized by the National Association of State Contractors Licensing Agencies, and provided the opportunity to protect the consumers, deter illegal construction activity and level the playing field for legitimate contractors in the construction industry.

Along with combating the increased illegal unlicensed activity nationally, the intention was to warn consumers that they need to be aware of these activities for regulatory compliance.

The Department of Consumer Protection joined NASCLA in 2021. This is the second coordinated enforcement effort the department has participated in with NASCLA.

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