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Online Credential Renewals Increase at Department of Consumer Protection

Agency announces more credential holders are using streamlined online system

Wednesday, January 15th, 2020 – Online renewal of credentials at the Department of Consumer Protection (DCP) is on the rise. DCP has continued to expand online credentialing, renewal, and reinstatement services in order to ensure businesses can comply with state requirements as efficiently as possible.


The number of credential holders that have online renewal available to them has grown, and the percent of credential holders that have taken advantage of that service has also increased:

Year Number of Credentials Renewed Online Number of Credentials Able to be Renewed Online*  % of Online Renewals 
 2015 122,066 187,192  65% 
 2016 107,722 159,200 68%
 2017 141,836 191,613 74% 
 2018 130,589  173,424  75% 
 2019 157,076  191,451  82% 


*The number of credentials available to be renewed online fluctuates as new credentials are phased in to the program, but may also go down as many credentials do not require renewal on an annual basis.


“Ensuring credentialing is as streamlined as possible is one of our top priorities,” said Consumer Protection Commissioner Michelle H. Seagull, “I am pleased to see more credential holders taking advantage of the programs that we work hard to develop every day, and we welcome new ideas for improvement and collaboration from businesses in our state.”


DCP has made 295 credential types available to be renewed online.


Those with questions or concerns about the credentialing process at DCP may contact the License Services Division at




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