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Consumer Protection Commissioner Issues Summary Suspension for Central Cafe in Plainville

Tuesday, May 21st, 2019 – Today, Commissioner Michelle H. Seagull signed a summary suspension for Central Café (LCA.0006715), located at 54 W Main Street in Plainville.


This suspension comes as a result of a referral from the Plainville Police Department received on Monday, May 20th by DCP’s Liquor Control Division regarding events that occurred on the evening of May 16th, 2019. On May 16th, the premises was the scene of a motorcycle gang brawl resulting in two patrons sustaining injuries, and numerous motorcycle operators fleeing the scene. A preliminary report completed by the Plainville Police Department indicated that entire evening shift of the police department responded to the incident.


“I want to thank the Plainville Police Department for their work and cooperation in this matter,” said Michelle H. Seagull, “Patrons in Connecticut should be able to feel safe when they visit liquor establishments in our state, and this type of incident puts that safety in jeopardy. We take these matters very seriously at DCP, and I look forward to a resolution.”


Central Café will remain closed and under suspension indefinitely. A copy of the suspension placard and summary suspension order can be found here.


Those with concerns about a liquor permit holder in the State of Connecticut may contact DCP’s Liquor Control Division at (860) 713-6210, or by emailing




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