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Tuesday, February 7th – The Department of Consumer Protection (DCP) is warning consumers about an IRS email scam. The risk for consumers to be targeted by scams like this is heightened during tax season. Scammers will call, email, or even text to get your information. In addition to posing as IRS staff, scammers may also claim to be from a bank, other financial institution, employer, or even health care facility.
DCP was warned of the email scam pictured below. This email shows some tell tail signs of a scam:
  • It’s written quickly, and includes typos
  • It’s not sent from a “.gov” email address
  • It asks the recipient to click on an unfamiliar link to fill out personal information
  • It attempts to impersonate a federal agency, in this case the IRS
“Scammers are always innovating and finding new ways to get hard earned cash from honest people. That’s why no matter what, we encourage consumers to trust their gut, not give money or information to unknown sources, and contact the organization or agency they’re familiar with,” said Consumer Protection Commissioner Jonathan A. Harris, “It’s important to us at DCP to warn consumers about these so they have the tools to protect themselves.”
The IRS will always contact you via mail, and you should never respond to communication in another form. If you have questions, or think you may owe money, you can always contact your local IRS office instead of trusting the person on the phone or computer.
Consumers who have received an email like this should not engage, and may file complaints with DCP by emailing, or calling (860) 713-6100, or (800) 842-2649.
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