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CPA Qualified Certificates and Credential Types


Qualified Certificate

Once someone has met all of the requirements to become a CPA (i.e. achieved the required education, passed the required exams, and accumulated the required experience), they can apply for a qualified certificate for a fee of $150. The certificate is a pre-requisite to becoming Registered or Licensed for first time applicants.

The qualified certificate is not an active status, does not allow the holder to practice as a CPA or use the designation CPA on any materials. 

Credential Types

There are two types of active credential types in Connecticut. Credential holders may only have one of the below at a time, but may alternate which credential they hold. 

CPA Certificate Registration

If someone has a CPA Certificate Registration, they are permitted to use the CPA designation with their name on printed materials such as business cards, letterhead, checks, etc. This registration does not permit the holder to practice as a CPA. This means an individual cannot sign any financial documents as a CPA, including tax documents. Individuals holding a certificate registration do not have a continuing education requirement.

Initial Fee: $40.00
Annual Renewal Fee: $40.00

CPA License

If a credential holder has a CPA License, they may use the CPA designation and practice as a CPA. Individuals holding a CPA license are required to complete 40 hours of continuing education annually.

Initial Fee: $150.00
Annual Renewal Fee: $565.00