Residential Sprinkler Application Path

License Types
  • F5 - Limited Multipurpose Residential Sprinkler Contractor License
  • F6 - Limited Multipurpose Residential Sprinkler Journeyperson License

Please review scope of work before applying.

In order to qualify for the F-6 and F-5, such persons shall have:

1.) Obtained a Connecticut Plumbing and Piping license (P2/P1) pursuant to Section 20-332 of the CT General Statutes, Regulations of CT State Agencies.

2.) Original certificate from N.F.S.A.- National Fire Sprinkler Association, titled “One and Two-Family Dwellings - Multipurpose Residential” For the installation of a NFPA-13D system as required by the National Fire Protection Association.

3.) All F-6 and F-5 applicants for licensure must attach at least one pipe manufacturer certification in the applicant’s name, for a type of piping that is approved for use in a residential fire sprinkler system. Such as listed residential fire sprinkler system piping materials of CPVC and PEX.

4.) Photocopy of your current license as a P-2 or P-1, with the Department of Consumer Protection under Chapter 393 of the Connecticut General Statutes, Section 20-330

5.) An F-5 type limited Contractor license will be issued upon final written examination to a licensed P-1 contractor, and a F-6 type limited journeyperson license will be issued upon final written examination to a licensed P-2 journeyperson.

NOTE: For the CT F-5 Limited Multipurpose Residential Exam, you only need to pass the trade portion.

Upon obtaining such license (F5/F6) the license shall be renewed consistent with the renewal process for the prerequisite plumbing-piping licenses.


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