Glazier License Application Path - Journeyperson

License Types:
  • FG-2 - Glazier – Flat Glass Journeyperson      
  • AG-2 - Auto Glass Technician Journeyperson
Please review the scopes of work to determine which license type to apply for. A. If you completed an apprenticeship with the CT Dept. of Labor, you must submit the following:
  • Original copy of the Letter of Apprenticeship Completion issued by the CT Dept. of Labor, Apprenticeship Training Division. 
  • NOTE: Dept. of Labor AT-22 Forms must be submitted to the Dept. of Labor before submitting an application for licensure.

B.  If you did NOT complete an apprenticeship with the CT Dept. of Labor and are applying under equivalent experience and training, see instructions below:

  • (Example – FG-2 applications require proof of 6,000 hours of on-the-job training and 432 hours of related instruction.)
  • Submit the following documentation for proof of equivalent experience and training with your application:
  • Letters from current or previous employer(s).
    • Letters must be on company letterhead, dated, and notarized, and must include the dates of employment and a specific, detailed description of your on-the job-training and work experience, including all aspects included in the scope of work you are applying for. (Example – FG-2 applications require 6,000 hours of on-the-job training)
    • NOTE: Letters that do not meet the criteria listed above will not be accepted.  This will significantly delay the processing of your application.
    • NOTE: Do not submit W-2’s, 1099’s or tax returns for proof of your on-the-job training or work experience.  They will not be accepted.  Letters from employers are required.
  • Proof of related instruction
    • Copies of transcripts, diplomas, and certificates for proof of completion of all required classes for the license type you are applying for.
    • Example – FG-2 applications require 432 hours of classroom related instruction:

      License type:          On the job training hours:            Classroom hours: FG-2                                 6,000                                                432
              AG-2                                 2,000                                                144
    • NOTE: On-the-job training and work experiences CANNOT be considered in lieu of the required classroom training.
  • Out of state apprenticeship completion, if applicable
    • Certificate of apprenticeship completion in another state or jurisdiction. 
      Please see the National Glass Assocation's Education and Training Webpage for information on training programs that may qualify for proof of related instruction.
  • Out of state licenses, if applicable
    • All three items below must be submitted:
      • Copies of all occupational trade licenses held in any state or jurisdiction.
      • Documentation including laws and regulations from that state or jurisdiction that reflect the requirements met to obtain these licenses.
      • Scope of work for these licenses. 
    • NOTE: Your out of state license will not be considered for equivalency unless all items listed above are submitted. This will cause a significant delay to the processing of your application.

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