“Amusement” means any circus or carnival presented in the open, including a place where one or more rides or devices capable of accommodating one or more passengers and normally requiring the supervision or services of an operator are presented for amusement or entertainment purposes, and any circus, carnival or other portable show or exhibition presented under any single tent, air-supported plastic or fabric or other portable shelter, and involving the assembly of one hundred or more persons. “Amusement” does not include an inflatable device leased for private residential use.
Carnival/Circus Applications:

An application fee of $200.00 is required for each event.

A completed Proof of Financial Responsibility Form from the Department of Insurance must be included with this application or on file with the Department of Consumer Protection for the year.

Applications must be submitted to the Department of Consumer Protection at least ten (10) days prior to the event. 

All inspections will be scheduled and conducted by the Department of Emergency Services & Public Protection (DESPP).

Amusement Proof of Financial Responsibility:
Amusement Park Ride Application:
Amusement Ride Qualified Inspector or Engineer:

Other Information:

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