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Children's Trust Fund

 Section 17a-50-1. Definitions.

(a) "Department" means the Department of Children and Youth Services.

(b) "Commissioner" means the Commissioner of the Department of Children and Youth Services.

(c) "Children's Trust Fund" means a designated account operated and maintained by the Department to provide financial support for community based child abuse prevention activities.

(d) "Trust Fund Council" means the Children's Trust Fund Council established pursuant to Section 17a-50 of the General Statutes.

(Effective February 1, 1994)

Section 17a-50-2. Children's Trust Fund Purpose.

The Children's Trust Fund will encourage and support the development of child abuse prevention programs and activities, help strengthen the network of community child protection resources, and expand statewide education and informational activities. The Trust Fund Council shall make recommendations to the Commissioner concerning grants to programs. The Department will determine, upon the advice of the Trust Fund Council, the area of concentration for program funding on an annual basis. Preventive services shall include, but not be limited to:

(a) Pre and Postnatal Support programs: to prepare individuals for their roles as parents by providing supports during the prenatal and postnatal periods;

(b) Early Childhood Screening and Treatment programs: to detect and treat health and developmental problems in pre-school and school-aged children;

(c) Child Care Resources: to provide regular or occasional child care for families;

(d) Parental Self-Help programs: to provide peer support systems and group activities so that mutual helping networks can be developed;

(e) Emergency Services: to provide immediate support to families in times of crisis. A model comprehensive system should include crisis caretakers, crisis babysitters, crisis nurseries and crisis counseling;

(f) Education for Adulthood and Parenting programs: to equip children, adolescents and young adults with the skills and knowledge to assume the role of parents.

(Effective February 1, 1994)

Section 17a-50-3. Program Management.

Program management of the Children's Trust Fund shall be the responsibility of the Department's Division of Planning and Program Development. Programs and other activities which are within the purposes stated in Section 17a-50-2 shall be eligible for consideration and subject to availability of funding.

(Effective February 1, 1994)

Section 17a-50-4. Fiscal Management.

The fiscal management of the Children's Trust Fund shall be the responsibility of the Department's Division of Fiscal Services. There shall be an annual audit of the Trust Fund in a manner prescribed by the Comptroller's office.

(Effective February 1, 1994)

Section 17a-50-5. Donations of Gifts or Grants.

The Division of Fiscal Services will establish and maintain a segregated account with the approval of the Treasurer and the Comptroller in accordance with Section 4-33, Connecticut General Statutes, which will include monies donated by private individuals, agencies and corporations for this purpose. This account may accrue interest. The Department will accept and receive, on behalf of the account, any bequest, devise or grant for use in carrying out the purposes of the Children's Trust Fund. Information pertaining to the donation of gifts or grants to the Children's Trust Fund may be obtained from the Department's Director of Planning and Program Development, 170 Sigourney Street, Hartford, Connecticut 06105.

(Effective February 1, 1994)

Section 17a-50-6. Requests for Funding.

Information and application requests shall be obtained from the Department's Division of Planning and Program Development, 170 Sigourney Street, Hartford, Connecticut 06105.

(Effective February 1, 1994)

Section 17a-50-7. Eligibility for Program Funding.

The Department, in making allocations shall consider the following eligibility requirements:

(a) the applicant must document ability to provide program services and/or consultation to organizations and communities regarding the proposed program;

(b) the applicant must document knowledge and understanding of the clientele to be served and the problems of abuse and neglect and their prevention;

(c) the applicant must submit a written comprehensive description of how the program activities will be carried out;

(d) the applicant must document fiscal and general management capabilities including accurate fiscal and program reporting;

(e) the personnel carrying out the program shall have education and training appropriate to the purposes of the program;

(f) the applicant shall agree to maintain a complete account of income and expenses subject to audit for a period of three years following the final date of the period for which an award is made, and to submit progress reports, and reports of expenditures and income, as required by the Department.

(Effective February 1, 1994)