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Katharine L. Wade
Thomas Taggart
September 28, 2015

Executive Summary and Notice of Public Comment For
National Council On Compensation Insurance
Rate and Loss Cost Filing Effective January 1, 2016
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Hartford, CT – Today, Commissioner Wade announced a thirty (30) day period of public comment on the National Council on Compensation Insurance’s (“NCCI”) voluntary loss cost and assigned risk rate filing.  Below, the Connecticut Insurance Department (“Department”) has summarized the filing and provided a link to the filing including supporting documentation.  The Department does not intend to hold a public hearing concerning this filing.  However, interested parties are encouraged to provide comments concerning the subject filing to Thomas Taggart, Insurance Associate Examiner at the address provided below or via email.
NCCI is proposing that the Department approve a -3.9% change to the current voluntary loss costs and a -6.3% change to the current assigned risk rate level.  The new loss costs and assigned risk rates which are the subject of this Public Notice take effect on January 1, 2016.
The proposed change in Advisory Loss Costs reflects the following pure premium level changes:
Industry Group
Voluntary Market
Pure Premium Loss cost
Change (%)
Office & Clerical-6.3%
Goods & Services-3.0%
Overall Change-3.9%
The proposed change in Assigned Risk Market Rates reflects the following rate level changes:
Industry Group
Assigned Risk Plan
Rate Change (%)
Office & Clerical-8.6%
Goods & Services-5.5%
Overall Change-6.3%
The key components of the Advisory Loss Costs and Assigned Risk Market Rate changes are comprised of the following elements:
Key Component
Pure Premium
Voluntary Market
Change (%)
Assigned Risk Premium
Level Change (%)
Experience and Trend-4.1%N/A
Loss-Based Expenses-0.1%N/A
Change in Assigned Risk Lost Cost Multiplier  N/A -2.5%
Overall Voluntary Loss Cost Level Change N/A-3.9%
Overall Change-3.9%-6.3%
The public may contact Thomas Taggart in the Property and Casualty Division with questions and comments concerning this filing.
Thomas Taggart
Insurance Associate Examiner
Property & Casualty Division
Connecticut Insurance Department
P.O. Box 816 
Hartford, CT  06142-0816
Telephone: 860-297-3837