How to Become a Certified Reinsurer

(note: the reinsurer’s jurisdiction must first be qualified by Connecticut)

Process for first time certification of a reinsurer

Process if Reinsurer is already certified in another state

  • The Reinsurer wishing to become a Certified Reinsurer in Connecticut must file a formal request to be designated as a Certified Reinsurer in Connecticut. We will require:
    • Passport Application checklist
    • Confirmation that the Reinsurer has pursued and received Certified Reinsurer status through another US state,
    • Identification of the US state in which the Reinsurer initially applied for certification which was in turn reviewed by the NAIC Reinsurance Financial Analysis Working Group,
    • Identification of the information submitted to the original certification state.  We do not require a resubmission of these materials to Connecticut; just a detailed description of the materials, and
    • Submission of a CR-1 Form for Connecticut. (see section 38a-88-4a(d)(1) of the Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies).