Insurer Contact List – COVID-19 Information

The following insurers have provided their website and contact information for Coronavirus COVID-19 information. This list is being updated as information becomes available and is a work in progress. If a particular insurer is not included on this list, you should use their main website or telephone number. To search for additional insurers not listed here, refer to your policy, your ID card or use the Department’s online listing.

Automobile Insurance (personal auto)

Most all automobile insurance companies are automatically reducing premiums for their customers without having to contact them. The premium reduction should appear on an upcoming bill. If you need more information on your premium, contact your agent or insurer directly.

Employer Sponsored Health Plans (self-funded under ERISA)

The Connecticut Insurance Department regulates fully insured health insurance plans issued in the State of Connecticut only. Some employers, especially large ones, sponsor self-funded health plans that are regulated by the U.S. Department of Labor under ERISA. Those plans are not subject to any state insurance law, Insurance Department regulation, or other state statute and are not listed below.

For more information on your employer sponsored plan, contact your health plan administrator using the information on your ID card, or contact your employer directly.

Health Care Insurers Listing (fully insured)
Property Casualty Insurers, Life Insurers Listing

To locate contact information for insurers not listed on this webpage, refer to your policy, your ID card, or use the Department’s online listing.