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Date Description
12/18/2019 (New) BULLETIN S-18 Rate Reduction, Loss Control & Loss Mitigation Value Added Products and Services Offered or Provided By Insurers Health Care Centers and Fraternal Benefits Societies
03/07/2016 BULLETIN S-17 Required Disclosure For Indexed-Linked Annuities
12/10/2014 BULLETIN S-16 Telephonic Applications (This bulletin repeals and replaces Bulletin S-15)
06/04/2014 BULLETIN S-15 Telephonic Applications (This bulletin is repealed and replaced by Bulletin S-16)
11/09/2010 BULLETIN S-14 Use of Certificates Of Insurance
05/18/2009 BULLETIN S-13 Rescission of Connecticut Insurance Department Bulletin
01/10/2008 BULLETIN S-11 Deferred Annuities Without Death Benefits
11/07/1983 BULLETIN S-10 Automatic Increase or Addition to Coverage
12/15/2000 BULLETIN S-04 Revised Group Life Insurance
12/16/1965 BULLETIN S-01a Coordination of Benefits
11/01/1965 BULLETIN S-01 Financing of Life Insurance Premiums
03/22/1965 BULLETIN S-00-Sales Certificates of Insurance