Public Hearing

Public Hearing
Aguiar v. Frenzelli, 9850105 - Re: Setting aside Default after Judgment
Soulemani Arouna v. Mark Ash, et al. - Order of Relief
Baker v. Lowe's Home Centers - Ruling re: commission's motion for leave to amend
Ballard v. Cheshire Board of Ed. - Amended Order
Ballard v. Cheshire Board of Ed. - Respondent's Motion for Sanctions
Banks and Hansberry v. Eddie Eckhaus and Longhill Real Estate, Final Decision
Blinkoff v. City of Torrington - Ruling re: Commission's Motion for Articulation
Blinkoff v. City of Torrington - Ruling re: Respondent's Motion to Dismiss and/or to Enter Judgement
Carretero v. Hartford Public Schools - Ruling on Motion for Summary Disposition
Monica Carver v. Drawbridge Inn Respaurant, Memorandum of Decision, June 12, 2002
Contested Case Processes and Procedures
Ceslik Ruling on Complainant's Motion to Strike
Clements v Town of Brookfield, Final Decision and Orders
Cordone v. Bridgeport Board of Eduction - Ruling on Motion to Dismiss
Angelo Cordone v. City of Bridgeport, Board of Ed. - Ruling on Motion for Leave to Amend Complaint
Crebase v. Proctor & Gamble, Order re: respondent's motion for sanctions
Davis v. Mama Bears, Ruling re: commission's motion to amend the complaint
DeBarros v. Htfd Roofing - Final Decision Hearing in Damages
Dexter v. Dept of Correction, Final Decision
Williams v. M. N. S. Corp, Memorandum of Decision
Benjamin v. Mediplex of Greater Hartford, Ruling on Motion to Dismiss
Little v. Clark et al., Memorandum of Decision
Secondo v. The Housing Authority of the City of Hartford, Memo of Decision
9710713, Secondo - Decision
Green v. SNET Co. et al., Ruling on Objection to Interrogatories
Leftridge v. Anthem Blue Cross, Memo of Decision
Chily v. Milford Automatics, Inc., Memorandum of Decision
Saksena v. CT,Dep't of Revenue Services, Memo of Decision
Saunders v. City of Norwalk, Board of Ed., Final Decision
8330054, Dacey - Decision
Clark v. Wal-Mart Stores, Mermorandum of Decision
Brelig v. F & L Inc., dba Luciano's Boathouse Restaurant
0050061:Filshtein v. West Hartford Housing Authority, Memorandum of Decision
9850104,Carey, et al. v. Imagineers, Ruling on Motion for Stay
9850105, Aguiar v. Frenzilli, Final Decision
Elizabeth Downes v., Inc. - Final Decision
Dwyer v. Yale University - Memorandum of Decision
Carla Bray-Faulks v. The Hartford Financial Services Group -- Ruling re: Motion to Dismiss
Friedman v. Office of Comptroller, Ruling on Resp.'s Motion to Dismiss
9710196, Cooper, et al. v. Gorski, Ruling on Motion for Attorneys Fees
9710196, Cooper v. Gorski, Final Decision
Cooper v. CHRO, Ruling on Petition for Reconsideration
9710649, Harrington - Decision
9730397, Helliger v. Avalon Properties, et al., Memorandum of Decision
9830575, Lesli - Decision
9530630, Blake - Decision on R's Motion
9340530, Esposito v. City of New London, Memo of Decision
Gilmore v. City of Waterbury - Final Decision
9530587, Gilmore - Decision re Damages
0330195, Gillmore v. Mother's Work, Final Decision
Graves v. Sno-White Carwash - MEMORANDUM OF DECISION
CHRO No. 0010273 Haley v. The City of Hartford, Final Decision
0010273, Haley v. City of Hartford, Supplement to Final Decision
0220220, Hansen v. City of Bridgeport, Memo of Decision
Human Rights Referee Decisions
9810371, Charette - Decision
9710052, Bernd v. Hamilton Sundstrand, Ruling on Motion to Dismiss
9910114, Pingle v. Dept. of Environmental Protection, Final Decision
9320024, Maier v. City of Norwalk, Final Decision
9920353, Rose v. Payless Shoesource, Final Decision
8220420, Flood v. American Can, Final Decsision
9420437, Callado v. Town of Fairfield, et al., Final Decision
0130212, Smith v. Lee, et al., Final Decision, Hearing in Damages
9730288, Jankowski v. City of Meriden, Final Decision
9940144, Okonkwo - Ruling re R's Motion
8840227, Carter v. C. N. Flagg Power, Final Decision
9640243, Shae v. Spruance, et al., Final Decision
9950020, Scott v. Robert Jamison, et al., Final Decision
Kennedy v. ECSU, Final Decision
0140203, Kennedy - Ruling re CHRO's Request
Kondratowicz v. Pleasant Valley Mobile Home Park, Ruling on the commission's motion to amend, June 4, 2002
Memorandum of Decision - Kowalczyk v. City of New Britain
L'Annuziata and Abilgard Ruling: Motions to amend complaints
9910120, Volpintesta - Order
9910120, Duarte - Ruling re R's Motion
9610577, Scarfo v. Hamilton Sundstrand, Final Decision
9830057, DeRosa v. Rosen, Ruling on Respondent's Motion to Dismiss
9830057, DeRosa v. Rosen, Order Regarding Motion to Dismiss
9740163, Johnson v. Dept of Correction, Order Regarding Motion for Stay
9830057, DeRosa v. Rosen, Order Regarding Motion for Stay
9830057, DeRosa v. Rosen, Order Regarding Motion to Dismiss
9830294, Ballard - Ruling re R's Motion
Johnson v DOC, 9740163 Final Decision
Nicolosi v Johnny's Pizza 9840466 order of dismissal
Brown, Sr. v. Creative Management Realty, Co 9850062 Final Decision
9850062, Brown - Ruling re R's Motion
9830294, Ballard - Ruling R's Motion
Intagliata v Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. 9740381 Final Decision
9810116, Mather - Decision
9510617, Henry - Ruling R's Motion
9710032, Hodge - Decision
9910041, O'Brian - Ruling on Motion to Stay
9510617, Henry - Ruling on Motion
9730024, Isler - Ruling
9830205, Alston - Ruling
Ratner v. Home and Life Security Inc.
9330373, Alexavich - Decision
9840265, Massa - Ruling
0540252, Lopes - Decision
Cooper, Donahue v. City of Hartford, CHRO Nos. 9710684 and 9710637, Amended Final Decision
0020042, Agvent - Decision
9730278, Antonelli - Decision
Weller-Bajrami v. Lawrence Crest Co-operative - 9950095 & 9950096, Final Decision & Order of Relief
Matson v. DMH - 9930311, Ruling Re: Commission's Motion for Sanctions
McWeeny v. City of Hartford et al - 0410314, Final Decision
Navarro v. Hospital for Special Care - 9710678, Final Decision & Orders
Negron v. DSMA Enterprises - 0110448, Ruling Re: Motion to Dismiss
Nobili v. Purdy & Co. - 0120389, Memorandum of Decision
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Payton v. DMHAS - 0220394, Ruling Re: R's Motion in Limine
Payton v. DMHAS - 0220394, Ruling Re: R's Motion to Dismiss
Ramseur v. Colonial Chimney and Masonry, Inc. - 0440130, Final Decision
Ramseur v. Colonial Chimney and Masonry, Inc. - 0440130, Ruling Re: R's Motion etc.
Samuel v. Pond Point Health Care Center - 0230332, Final Decision
Schoen v. Grace Christian School - 0120163, Ruling Re: R's Motion to Dismiss
Slootskin v. John Brown Engineers & Construction - 9320167, Final Decision on Remand
Smalls v. Waterbury Masonry & Foundation, Inc. - 0330386, Final Decision
Sperow v. Regional School District No. 7 - 0130607, Decision on Request for Reconsideration
Sperow v. Regional School District No. 7 - 0130607, Ruling on Motion to Dismiss
Tavares v. Sam's Club - 9760092   Amended Final Decision
Walley v. DOC - 0020470, Ruling Re: Commission's Motion to Amend the Complaint
Ward v. Black Point Beach Club - 0150047   Final Decision
Carver v. Drawbridge Inn Restaurant
Human Rights Referee Decisions

Whistleblower Retaliation
Cayer v. WCSU - Motion to Dismiss
Connecticut General Statutes Section 4-61dd
Stacy v. Department of Correction - Whistleblower Retaliation
Duhaney v. Birk, Ruling re: Respondent's Motion to Dismiss
Claudio Reyes v. Office of the Comptroller - Whistleblower Retaliation
Cayer v. WCSU - Whistleblower Retaliation
Whistleblower Retaliation Complaints: an Overview
Human Rights Referees' Whistleblower Retaliation Decisions
Whistleblower Retaliation Regulations
2005-014 Duhaney V. Birk - Ruling
Whistleblower Retaliation Complaints: Frequently Asked Questions
Whistleblower Retaliation Complaints: General Processes and Procedures
Whistleblower Retaliation Complaint Forms
Whistleblower Retaliation Statute