Transgender Students in Sports

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Gender identity has become a topic of national conversation, legislation, and litigation. There have been major victories for transgender rights such as the 2020 U.S. Supreme Court Decision Bostock v. Clayton County which held that gender identity was protected under the Civil Rights Act. There have also been setbacks, such as so called “bathroom bills” that require people to use the bathrooms of the sex assigned to them at birth. One of the most recent flashpoints has focused on transgender students in sports. Connecticut has become a key state in this fight with ongoing litigation surrounding students competing in track and field. This workshop will delve into the details of that litigation, the rights of transgender individuals, and the arguments of those on each side of the issue.


  • Diana Lombardi, Transadvocacy
  • Glenn Lungarini, CIAC
  • Michael Roberts, CHRO

Materials for the workshop will be available here during the conference