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Tick Related Information

Information about Tick Testing:

How to Submit a Tick for Testing

Tick Submission Form (PDF)

General Information about the Tick Testing Laboratory

Guidelines for Municipal and Regional Health Departments

Tick Information and Publications:

Summaries of Tick Testing (1996-Current)

Fact Sheets on Ticks, Tick Testing, and Lyme DiseaseThe Prevention of Tick Bite and Tick-Borne Disease: Tick Checks and the Use of Insect Repellent (PDF format)

Tick Managment Handbook by Dr. Kirby C. Stafford III
Bulletin 1010 (PDF format)

An Integrated and Individual Tick Management Program to Reduce Risk of Lyme Disease in a Residential Endemic Areas (PDF format)

Results and Description of the Redding Aerial Deer Survey, 15 February 2013, 0945-1300 Hours (PDF format)

Results and Description of the Redding Aerial Deer Survey, 24 January 2014, 0945-1300 Hours (PDF format

Redding, CT Aerial Infrared (IR) Deer Survey Results (PDF Format)

NEW--July 2017--Tick Testing FAQ (PDF Format)

NEW--August 2017--CAES Tick Brochure (PDF Format)

NEW--September 2018--CAES Lone Star Tick Trifold Brochure  (PDF Format)


Tick Precautions Smartphone/Web App

Created by:
Department of Environmental Health and Safety
Yale University

contained in this educational app was compiled from a variety of sources, but most notably from The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station