Forest Health Monitoring Workshop

March 4, 2021
9:00 a.m. until 12:00 p.m.

To be held in the CAES Zoom Room
Link sent with meeting invitation


 8:55   Zoom Room opens!
 9:00-9:05  Vicki Smith Welcome and Housekeeping
 9:05-9:15  Jeff Ward The Joy of High-Grading
 9:15-9:30  Scott Williams Impacts of Deer Exclusion on Oak Regeneration in Three Different Timber Harvesting Regimes
 9:30-9:45  Susanna Kerio Perspectives on Urban Tree Health Management in CT
 9:45-10:00  Danielle Tanzer The Role of Timing in Drought and Defoliation-Related Tree Mortality
 10:00-10:15  Amanda Bunce Adapting Adaptive Silviculture to the Exurban Landscape
 10:15-10:20  EVERYONE Biological Break!
 10:20-10:30  Bob Marra Beech Leaf Disease and Oak Wilt
 10:30-10:45  Yonghao Li Weather and Foliar Diseases
 10:45-11:00  Claire Rutledge 2021: The Year of the Southern Pine Beetle
 11:00-11:15  Carole Cheah Adelgid is Back! Now What? 
 11:15-11:30  Kirby Stafford Tick Update
 11:30-11:45  Vicki Smith Isaias and SLF
 11:45  EVERYONE Wrap-up

Forest Health Monitoring Workshop – March 8, 2022
CT Agricultural Experiment Station 123 Huntington St. New Haven, CT 06504