Private Pond, Stonington
Private Pond, Stonington
Private Pond, Stonington

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Water data


   This private pond is a 0.04 acre waterbody located in Stonington, CT. It is a small pond with a maximum depth of roughly 3 meters. Access to the pond is limited to the resident’s backyard for personal use. No transects were performed due to the size of the waterbody.

   The CAES IAPP 2017 survey of the pond found four species, none of which were invasive. The pond was largely covered by Hottonia inflata (featherfoil). This species usually shows up in the spring following a relatively dry winter and is gone by summer. Ludwigia species (primrose-willow) and Galium palustre (marsh-bedstraw) were found along the shoreline. Phragmites australis (common reed) was found on the northern shoreline.

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Species recorded in our 2017 survey of Private Pond, Stonington. Click on plant to view herbarium mount. (invasive in bold)
Ludwigia species
Phragmites australis

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