Crystal Pond, Woodstock
Crystal Pond Species Map
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   Crystal Pond is a privately owned, 145.0 body of water located in Woodstock , CT. Residential development occurs around the entire lake except for the eastern side. Only boats registered with this lake and special exceptions are allowed.

   Our July, 2009 survey documented 24 species of aquatic plants with none being invasive. Potamogeton robbinsii  was abundant within about 40 meters (130 meters) of the shoreline. Throughout the coves and in shallower water, Potamogeton amplifolius, Eriocaulon aquaticum, Potamogeton gramineus, Elatine minima, Eleocharis accicularis, Najas flexilis, and Najas guadalupensis were common. A sparse populations of Elodea nuttallii was found in along the south-eastern shoreline.  Vallisneria americana was abundant in the northern cove and Myriophyllum tennellum was found along the northeastern shoreline. Sagittaria sp. was found on the north-west shoreline and Nymphaea odorata was abundant in the small cove in the southern end.

Find Common Plant Names

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Species Recorded in our 2009 survey of Crystal Pond. Click on plant name to view herbarium mount (invasive species listed in bold).

Cardamine sp.

Elatine sp.

Eleocharis sp.

Elodea nuttallii

Eriocaulon aquaticum

Gratiola aurea

Isoetes sp.

Najas flexilis

Najas guadalupensis

Potamogeton amplifolius

Potamogeton epihydrus

Potamogeton gramineus

Potamogeton pusillus

Potamogeton robbinsii              

Sagittaria sp.

Sparganium sp.

Stuckenia pectinata

Utricularia purpurea

Utricularia radiata

Utricularia vulgaris

Vallisneria americana


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