When your product has to meet the toughest tolerances with the highest consistency, build it in the state with a track record of success. From jet engines to nuclear submarines, Connecticut workers have created some of industry's most complex technologies. They've not only mastered the new tools of advanced manufacturing, they know how to innovate with them.

Industry Facts

  • Approximately 4,500 manufacturers employ over 154,700 private sector employees in Connecticut. (Connecticut Department of Labor, 2017)
  • Connecticut aerospace exports were $5.9 billion, accounting for 41% of all exports from the state, in 2016. (The Connecticut Economic Digest, Vol. 22, No.4)
  • Connecticut manufacturers exported $14.4 billion in goods throughout the world in 2016. (The Connecticut Economic Digest, 2017)
  • Total state manufacturing output was $27 billion in 2014. (U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, June 2015)