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Special Litigation

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  • Special Litigation

    This Department represents the Governor, the Judicial Branch, the General Assembly, the Secretary of the State, the Treasurer, the Comptroller, the Auditors of Public Accounts, the State Elections Enforcement Commission, the State Ethics Commission, the State Properties Review Board, the Judicial Review Council, the Judicial Selection Commission, the Office of Protection and Advocacy for Handicapped and Developmentally Disabled Persons, the Accountancy Board, the Office of the Child Advocate, the Office of the Victims Advocate, the Commission on Children, and the Latino and Puerto Rican Affairs Commission. In addition, through its Public Charities Unit, the Department protects the public interest in gifts, bequests and devises for charitable purposes; and in cooperation with the Department of Consumer Protection, administers and enforces state laws regulating charities and professional fundraisers who solicit from the public.

  • Indian Issues

    The Special Litigation Department also represents the interests of the people of the State in matters before the Bureau of Indian Affairs in the United States Department of the Interior and in litigation involving land claims brought by groups claiming Indian ancestry.

  • Special Litigation & Charitable Resources

    Provides information on Guidestar, charities, the Bureau of Indian Affairs, tips for charitable giving, IRS exempt organizations, registration for charities & fundraisers, hospital free beds, the Donor's Bill of Rights, the Judicial Department, and the Statewide grievance Committee

  • Public Charities Unit

    The Public Charities Unit monitors solicitations by charitable organizations and provides information to members of the public to assist them in making informed decisions on charitable giving. The Public Charities Unit has two objectives with respect to fund-raising by charities: (1) to ensure that assets raised for charitable purposes are, to the maximum extent possible, used for the charitable purposes intended by the donors, and (2) to ensure that the public has access to accurate information they can reasonably use to aid them in their gift-giving decisions.

  • What We Do in the Special Litigation & Charities Department

    Among the critical missions this Department has are to protect the interests of the State and its citizens by ensuring the full and proper oversight and regulation of public charities. In addition, this Department sees that all relevant laws regarding the State’s native american tribes are fully enforced. Other activities of this Department include handling appeals of judicial and administrative decisions that involve issues of importance to the State and certain special environmental and energy cases. In all these matters, this Department assists my Office in ensuring that the laws of the State are fully enforced and that the quality of life of all of our citizens is preserved and enhanced.