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Attorney General Tong Reminds Veterans and Servicemembers to File Claims to Receive Refunds from Harris Jewelry Settlement

(Hartford, CT) – Attorney General William Tong is reminding Connecticut servicemembers and veterans to file claims to receive refunds from the Harris Jewelry settlement before the April 15, 2023 deadline.

In July 2022, Attorney General Tong announced a $34.2 million settlement between 18 states, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Harris Jewelry which gave servicemembers and veterans who were defrauded by the national jewelry retailer the opportunity to receive refunds.

Eligible servicemembers and veterans can click here to submit a refund request.

“Harris Jewelry scammed brave servicemembers, veterans, and military families by enticing them into bad loans, warranties, and protection plans for overpriced, cheap jewelry. I strongly encourage anyone who was taken advantage of by Harris to submit a claim before the deadline so that everyone who is entitled to a refund receives what they deserve,” Attorney General Tong said.

An investigation found that New York-based Harris Jewelry marketed predatory lending contracts to servicemembers as a way to improve their credit scores, dramatically inflated the retail price of its products, and offered “optional” protection plans on jewelry that instead were automatically added to nearly all eligible transactions. In many cases, the jewelry was not worth the price and consumers often reported stones falling out, chains breaking, and the finish fading.

The investigation also found fraudulent promises of donations made by Harris to charities with the proceeds of certain sales. Customers were often given conflicting information about the amount donated to the charity, with some being told all proceeds would be donated, while other times saying only a portion would be donated.

Through the settlement, Harris Jewelry also stopped collecting more than $21 million in outstanding debt held by thousands of servicemembers, bringing all balances to $0.

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