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Attorney General William Tong


Attorney General Tong Praises Final Passage of Data Breach Notification Bill

(Hartford, CT – Attorney General William Tong praised final passage of An Act Concerning Data Privacy Breaches, a measure sought by the Office of the Attorney General to update and strengthen Connecticut’s breach notification statute.

“Connecticut has led the nation in data privacy for over a decade, and this legislation ensures that we will continue to do so. Since we passed one of our nation’s first laws protecting consumers from online data breaches, technology and risks have evolved. This legislation ensures that our laws reflect those evolving risks and continue to offer strong, comprehensive protection for Connecticut residents,” said Attorney General Tong.

In 2005, Connecticut passed one of the nation’s first laws protecting consumers from online data breaches. Since then, technology and associated risks have evolved. The legislation broadens the definition of “personal information” to include additional categories such as medical information, online account information, passport numbers, military identification, and health insurance account numbers. The bill also shortens the outside limit to which entities must notify individuals and the Office of the Attorney General of a security breach from 90 days to 60 days, which is in line with recent amendments passed in other states.

The state Senate unanimously approved the legislation on June 5. The House unanimously approved the legislation on May 27. The bill now heads to Governor Ned Lamont for his signature.
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