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OxyContin Hearing Transcript

Oxycontin Transcript    Press Releases   

Oxycontin and other prescription painkillers, though essential and beneficial to many patients who use the drugs under the care and supervision of a physician, continue to be abused and sold on the street at an alarming level. This office has been working closely with interested state agencies, physicians, pharmacists, law enforcement officials, and other concerned stakeholders to develop proposed legislation to establish an electronic prescription drug monitoring program for controlled substances. It is hoped that such legislation will emerge from the upcoming 2002 session of the Connecticut General Assembly. Any such program must strike a balance between allowing public health and other state officials to monitor controlled substance prescribing patterns, and allowing continued medically appropriate use of beneficial painkilling drugs such as Oxycontin.

Below you will find links to information on these topics, including a transcript of an all-day public hearing organized by this office on Oxycontin and prescription drug monitoring. The hearing transcript includes testimony from nationally recognized experts in addiction, palliative care medicine, law enforcement, professional organizations representing physicians and pharmacists, as well as other related fields. This office welcomes feedback on these issues from all quarters.


December 11, 2001    OxyContin Hearing Transcript

Transcript of the Attorney General's Hearing on OxyContin, Need for Statewide Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs

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Press Releases

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December 10, 2001    Press Release    Attorney General To Hold Informational Hearing On OxyContin, Need For Statewide Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs