Connecticut Attorney General's Office

Public Hearing on Lyme Disease

On February 24, 1999, Attorney General Blumenthal co-sponsored a public hearing on Lyme disease with Commissioner George A. Reider, Jr. of the Connecticut Insurance Department. At the hearing, the Attorney General and Insurance Commissioner heard testimony representing a wide variety of perspectives on this disease, including testimony of doctors specializing in rheumatology, neurology and pediatrics.

Further testimony was provided by a representative of the Connecticut Department of Public Health, a biologist who is developing a test for Lyme disease, members of the public who are afflicted with the disease and medical directors from two prominent insurance companies.

A transcript of this hearing is available through this website. You may either download the entire transcript or use your browser to view it. Please note that the document provided through this site is an electronic copy of the certified transcript on file in the Connecticut Attorney General's Office.

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