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Connecticut Attorney General's Office
Public Safety Department

Public Safety Resources

Department of Public Safety
The Mission of the Department of Public Safety is to provide for protection of the public by efficient and effective utilization of resources through education, prevention, technology and enforcement activities.

Department of Public Safety Division of Fire, Emergency & Building Services
The Office of State Fire Marshal is part of the Division of Fire, Emergency and Building Services of the Connecticut Department of Public Safety. This office is responsible to promulgate and enforce codes, standards and regulations to reduce the harm associated with fires, explosions, and mechanical failures. Connecticut General Statutes Chapter 541, Section 29-291 gives the statutory authority to the Office of State Fire Marshal.

Statewide Emergency Telecommunications
The goal of the Office of Statewide Emergency Telecommunications (OSET) is to provide for the development and maintenance of coordinated state-wide emergency service telecommunications for public safety organizations and to the residents of the State of Connecticut.

Department of Correction
The Department of Correction shall protect the public, protect staff, and provide safe, secure and humane supervision of offenders with opportunities that support successful community reintegration.

Division of Criminal Justice
The Division of Criminal Justice is responsible for the investigation and prosecution of all criminal matters in the State of Connecticut.

Board of Parole
The Connecticut Board of Pardons and Paroles is committed to protecting the public by making responsible decisions regarding when and under what circumstances eligible offenders will be released from confinement.   Decisions are based primarily on the likelihood that offenders will remain at liberty without violating the law.  The Board sets appropriate conditions to manage risk and maximize the potential for offenders to remain crime free.

Division of Public Defender Services
The mission of the Division of Public Defender Services is to provide legal representation in accordance with both the United States and Connecticut constitutions to any person charged with the commission of a crime in Connecticut who does not have the financial ability to hire an attorney.

Military Department
Protect life and property and preserve peace, order and public safety.  The principle components of the Military Department are the National Guard and the Office of Emergency Management.  It augments state and local civil authorities in case of emergencies beyond their capabilities and provides assistance to local areas through community service programs.  The National Guard also performs its federal mission as the primary augmenter to the active federal military forces.

Sex Offender Registry
Department of Public Safety Sex Offender Registry

State Police Contacts
Telephone, Fax and E-mail Directory

State's Attorneys Contacts
The Division of Criminal Justice is responsible for the investigation and prosecution of all criminal matters in the State of Connecticut.