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March 20th, 2023 Agenda - Reinvestment Committee

Read time: 6 minutes

Social Equity Council | Reinvestment Committee

Meeting Date and Time: March 20th, 2023, Noon - 1:00 PM

Meeting Type: Special Meeting of the SEC Reinvestment Committee
Meeting Location: Virtual TEAMS Meeting

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Meeting posted: 

Meeting materials:

OPM Memo
RFP Draft for Community Conversations
NOFA Draft 
Meeting minutes from 2-15-2023 and 2-28-2023




1. Call to Order and Welcome  
2. Attendance  
3. Minutes approvals, 2-15-2023 and 2-28-2023  
4. Update on Budget and OPM Discussion
5. Legal Update
6. Outreach Update
7. DAS Update
8. DECD Update
9. Reinvestment NOFA
10. Reinvestment Committee Recommendations          
11. For the Good of the Order – New Business, Updates, and Information
12. Adjourn


Co-chairs: Ojala Naeem, Avery Gaddis
Members:   Andrea Comer, Corrie Betts, Avery Gaddis, Subira Gordon, Michael Jefferson, Ojala Naeem, Paul O. Robertson



Meeting Agendas