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Connecticut’s Offshore Wind Strategic Roadmap summarizes Connecticut’s strengths, commitments and investments in clean energy and offshore wind and identifies initiatives and actions to support sustainable and equitable economic development of the industry statewide.

To support the execution of the initiatives and actions outlined in the Roadmap, Connecticut launched the Connecticut Wind Collaborative (CWC) — a nonprofit 501(c)(3), that will advance the offshore wind industry in Connecticut by convening leaders from across the industry to foster collaboration within the state and across the region.



See Offshore Wind Strategic Roadmap 

Frequently Asked Questions

What role does offshore wind play in Connecticut’s economy?

Connecticut businesses are well-positioned to touch every phase of offshore wind development – from research and manufacturing to assembly and maintenance. Our direct water access, network of deepwater ports, and long history of advanced manufacturing have made Connecticut a hub for offshore wind.

What is the Connecticut Wind Collaborative (CWC)?

The Connecticut Wind Collaborative is a new non-profit organization comprised of offshore wind leaders from across government, private and public sectors, and academia, established to support collaboration, investment, and innovation in Connecticut’s offshore wind industry. Visit for more information.

How do the Strategic Roadmap and Connecticut Wind Collaborative fit together?

The Connecticut Wind Collaborative will support the execution of the Strategic Roadmap and then help inform and sustain long-term development of Connecticut’s offshore wind industry.

Interested in getting involved in the Connecticut Wind Collaborative?

Contact Connecticut’s Chief Manufacturing Officer Paul Lavoie at