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Department of Agriculture unveils new CT Grown logo and branding

In support of its efforts to promote Connecticut’s robust agriculture and aquaculture industries, the Connecticut Department of Agriculture (DoAg) unveiled Monday a new logo and branding for the CT Grown program as part of a multifaceted initiative to highlight agriculture and aquaculture products grown/raised in Connecticut. 

The new branding refreshes a logo originally developed by DoAg in 1986 to support a program that over the past three decades has blossomed into a multifaceted initiative targeting diverse local, regional, national and international markets through both direct-to-consumer and wholesale-oriented program components. In order to continue to grow brand awareness of the program, DoAg has invested in the branding and marketing of CT.

"More than ever, we need our Connecticut-based producers. Our State is reopening and recovering in many ways. Our local agriculture and aquaculture resources are needed as restaurants, events, and venues come back online and we restore our way of life,” said Governor Ned Lamont. “The CT Grown supply chain is vital in the creation of jobs, reliability of resources, and accessibility of fresh, healthy food for families in every zip code. This month we mark many milestones, the one-year anniversary of the arrival of the pandemic to our communities and the beginning of our thoughtful reopening. It is an ideal time for the Department of Agriculture to increase awareness for the opportunities to visit, support, and engage with the fresh-air sector of farms, producers, and farm markets. Join me in supporting the value, impact, and opportunities of Connecticut Grown. Together, let's make it a way of life."

In the development of this refreshed branding, DoAg surveyed more than 1,700 consumers, providers and wholesale partners who shared the elements they wanted to honor in the brand legacy and the elements they wanted to introduce to refresh the perspective of this $4 billion business sector. DoAg opted to keep CT Grown’s long standing and symbolic green and blue colors and is honoring the producer's pride by enlarging the word Connecticut and clearly outlining the shape of the state. 

Within the logo design, DoAg recognizes the impact of aquaculture and agriculture with symbols of both coast and country. By simplifying these elements, the CT Grown brand becomes more inclusive and improves readability — especially valuable for outdoor signage and packaging applications. At the center of the design, with the "o" on the horizon, like the sun, is the word GROWN, the heart of the brand. 

Finally, the tested tagline — “A way of life.” This two sided signature mark, not only honors the producers that nurture the environment to provide for their communities, it also encourages consumers to make the selection, endorsement, engagement and loyalty to Connecticut Grown products not just a seasonal opportunity, but... a way of life.

“Connecticut is home to a growing agriculture and aquaculture infrastructure that provides critical sources of nutritious foods and pantry staples that help our communities lead healthier lives. It’s critical that we support these small businesses by encouraging residents to shop small and buy CT Grown products throughout the year,” said Lt. Governor Susan Bysiewicz. “This multifaceted marketing campaign will play an integral role in driving growth in this sector of our economy and will help further promote our farmers who work tirelessly to bring fresh food to our kitchen tables year-round.”

In addition to the new fresh look, DoAg will be using the new branding to execute a comprehensive marketing campaign surrounding the CT Grown program. These efforts will include the promotion of all Connecticut-based products – from fruits and vegetables to seafood and wine, maple syrup and honey, dairy and fiber.

Among the goals for the refreshed branding and marketing campaign is to connect with new audiences, particularly those who have not yet recognized the value of buying local agriculture and aquaculture products and to highlight the importance of supporting these industries. Additionally, this investment will provide Connecticut farmers with tools to engage in the campaign and promote the CT Grown brand as well as Connecticut agriculture and aquaculture.

“Connecticut agriculture is steeped in both tradition and innovation. We’ve acknowledged both with our refreshed CT Grown brand and with our multimedia marketing campaign to showcase the diversity of production happening right here in our state,” said Agriculture Commissioner Bryan P. Hurlburt. “The COVID-19 pandemic has thrust the importance of local agriculture into the spotlight and the Connecticut Department of Agriculture is committed to equipping our farmers with the tools to promote themselves, and the industry as a whole, to consumers.”

Miranda Creative, Inc., a 33-year brand management firm of Norwich, CT, was selected through a competitive bidding process to direct the rebranding program, in conjunction with the internal marketing team at DoAg. 

For regular updates to the program, please follow @ConnecticutGrown.




The Connecticut Department of Agriculture (DoAg) represents Connecticut's agriculture and aquaculture industry. DoAg regulates and markets the products of Connecticut ranging from produce such as fruits and vegetables to seafood, wine, and fibers. With 5,500 farms and 380,000 acres of farmland, Connecticut’s agriculture and aquaculture industries represent approximately $4 billion to the state’s economy each year. 

Established in 1986 by the Connecticut Department of Agriculture, CT Grown is a multifaceted initiative designed to support and celebrate the diverse Agricultural and Aquacultural offerings of Connecticut.