DMHAS Prevention and Health Promotion Division

Local Prevention Councils (LPCs)

Purpose:  This initiative supports 150 plus local, municipal-based alcohol, tobacco and other drug (ATOD) abuse prevention councils. The intent of this grant program is to facilitate the development of ATOD abuse prevention initiatives at the local level with the support of the Chief Elected Officials. The specific goals of Local Prevention Councils (LPCs) are to increase public awareness of ATOD prevention and stimulate the development and implementation of local prevention activities primarily focused on youth. 

Funded Programs:  150 plus Local municipalities and town councils throughout the state.

Target Populations:  Universal targets in selected communities in the 169 cities and towns throughout Connecticut.   

Strategy Type:  LPC programs utilize at least two of the six CSAP identified prevention strategies (information dissemination, education, community-based processes, alternative programming, environmental, and program identification and referral) in their community programs.

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