Community Services Division (CSD) - Provider Learning Collaboratives
SA Residential Treatment and Recovery Houses
SA Residential Treatment Contact:  Natalie DuMont,
Recovery Houses Contact:  Sherry Marconi, 
Residential treatment programs and Recovery Houses offer individuals safe, sober treatment options while working on their recovery. Depending on the length of stay of each program, individuals focus on short and long terms goals, developing their recovery plan and exploring opportunities to establish a support network as they transition back into the community. In addition, at times individuals may need a safe place to stay while they await treatment or re-enter the community. Recovery Houses can help individuals waiting to access short term or long term treatment. Halfway Houses provide transitional housing and four hours of weekly treatment as the person begins to reintegrate into their respect community and seeks employment and permanent housing. These levels of care play an essential role in the development of a recovery plan and sustainability of this plan as individuals move through the treatment continuum.

This collaborative brings these unique programs together to establish best practices and share resources to enhance individuals’ recovery.

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