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Press Release                             Dated: December  5, 2006       


The Connecticut Sex Offender Registry Unit announced today an initiative to improve the quality of photographic images on the Connecticut Sex Offender Registry Website. “New quality control measures and updated equipment in conjunction with the ongoing process of retaking photographic images of registrants at least once every five years, will produce more recognizable images on the website” said Department of Public Safety Commissioner Leonard Boyle.        

Commissioner Boyle added that, “The department will also be seeking legislation in the upcoming legislative session to require registered sex offenders to report more often than once every five years for the retaking their photographs”.         


The Sex Offender Registry staff, aided by college students completing internships with the Sex Offender Registry, conducted an audit of over 4200 images of registered offenders. The audit sought to identify poor quality images as well as examine a number of other critical criteria specific to the sex offender registrations.

            Approximately 500 images were identified as being unsatisfactory. These images were flagged and letters have been sent to each registrant to report to the Sex Offender Registry at 1111 Country Club Road in Middletown. Registrants that fail to report are subject to arrest for a class “D” felony and violations are immediately reported to local law enforcement agencies. 


            The new procedures include the use of a digital camera system for capturing photographic images at State Police Headquarters. “The overall result of these efforts is to improve the quality of the information that we provide to the public” said Sgt. Sam Izzarelli, the Executive Office of the Sex Offender Registry. Images taken with the department’s Livescan system may appear larger than some of the existing images on the website. “We also hope to seek grant funding to see these technological improvements carried over to our partners in the Department of Correction who register nearly half of Connecticut’s registered sex offenders each year.” said Sgt. Izzarelli. The Department of Public Safety has been working on an ongoing project with the Department of Information Technology to upgrade the registry website. More changes and improvements to the website are expected to be unveiled in coming year.


            If you have questions regarding the registration of sex offenders in Connecticut or have information on a registered sex offender that appears to be in violation please contact the Connecticut Department of Public Safety, Division of State Police, Sex Offender Registry Unit at 1111 Country Club Road, Middletown, CT 06457-9294, by phone at 860-685-8060 or by email at Registry records are also available at local police departments for registrants living within that department's jurisdiction.  

To access the Connecticut Sex Offender Registry Website:


"Any person who uses information in this registry to injure, harass or commit a criminal act against any person included in the registry or any other person is subject to criminal prosecution."