Portable Swimming Pools - A Message from the State Building Inspector

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Department of Public Safety
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Middletown, Connecticut 06457


Now that the summer months are upon us, we’re all trying to find a way to beat the heat. With the cost of energy these days, a reasonable solution seems to be a portable swimming pool for the kids to splash around in. A variety of retail establishments sell portable pools these days and they seem to be a cheap solution to providing comfort and recreation. Problem is, if the pool is capable of holding more than 24 inches of water, the State Building Code requires a permit and a code-compliant barrier around the pool. Since very few retail establishments advertise this, you may be in for a big surprise when your local building official tells you that the $ 179 blow-up pool you just bought requires a barrier around it that also includes alarms on the doors to your home if the wall of the house is part of the barrier. Since the physical characteristics of a pool barrier differ greatly from the average back-yard fence, don’t assume a fenced yard lets you off the hook. Every year a child drowns in a tragic accident involving an unprotected pool. Avoid a needless tragedy, make sure your pool is protected! For answers to your questions, consult your local building department or call the office of the State Building Inspector at (860) 685-8310.