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In April 2006 Connecticut State Police at the Woodbury Resident State Trooper’s Office received information from Seymour Police Detectives that during a Seymour investigation information regarding a possible crime in Woodbury was uncovered. That investigative information was obtained by Woodbury Investigators and a criminal investigation was initiated into the allegations.

Woodbury Police Investigators determined that a 14-year-old had become involved with the accused on line in the “My Space. Com” website. The victim became involved in an interstate online relationship that resulted in the FBI conducting an investigation that caused the accused, a Pennsylvania resident, to be taken into Federal custody.

Woodbury Police Investigators determined that the accused on or about January 2006 met the 14-year-old victim in Woodbury, Connecticut, where it is reported that sexual activities took place. Investigative efforts of Woodbury Resident Trooper’s Office, Seymour Police and the FBI resulted in the issuance and serving of multiple search and seizure warrants in this case. As a result Woodbury Police Investigators seized evidence of computers and other records in this criminal case. This evidence is being examined by the Detectives at the State Police Computer Crimes and Electronic Evidence Unit.

Investigators from the Woodbury Resident State Trooper’s Office submitted evidence, investigator leads, and information in the form of affidavits that caused an arrest warrant application to be submitted to Superior Court GA#4 in Waterbury.  Superior Court GA#4 issued an arrest warrant for the accused in this case. The accused was to be charged with several criminal offenses in this case.

Today 07/14/06 Federal authorities turned the accused (LETAVEC) over to Woodbury Resident State Troopers Office investigators to be formally charged. The accused (LETAVEC) was processed and held on $500,000 bond to be arraigned at GA #4 in Waterbury.

The following accused was arrested in this case.

ACCUSED:   LETAVEC, Stephen Michael   DOB: 3/30/68

                       109 Fairview Lane 

                       Elramama, PA.

CHARGES:       Sexual assault 2nd   (2 counts)

                      Sexual Assault 4th  (2 counts)

                      Risk of Injury to Minor (4 counts)

                      Unlawful Restraint

                      Breach of Peace