State and National Background Check Program Resources

System Outages (COLLECT, CCHRS, Livescan)

In the event that you get a system error message, submit an email or call the number below to alert the agency of a possible system outage.

Connecticut On-Line Law Enforcement Communication Teleprocessing (COLLECT) System Issues

Submit an email for all non-outage related issues for the COLLECT System. For example, password resets, login ID numbers, and investigation help.

Connecticut Criminal History Request System (CCHRS) Access Request

Submit an email to request access to the CCHRS System or submit changes to your agency information or users. For new agencies, your request must include:

  • Agency name, number, and contact information for the agency head, administrator, and user list. Contact Information must include a first and last name, phone number, and email address.

CCHRS Password Resets

Submit an email to reset your CCHRS password. You must be near a computer when you submit the request. Request are processed during business hours only.

Livescan Issues or Password Resets

Please make sure that you have tried the most up-to-date login instructions before you send an email. Submit an email for non-outage related issues with a livescan fingerprint machine. The email must include a description of the issue and your contact information.

Rapsheet Issues

Call this number to discuss issues with criminal history results. Make sure that you have your agency name, subject name, transaction number (if processed via the CCHRS System), and the date that the request was submitted.