ISTE Making IT Happen Award Recognizes Doug Casey

Doug Casey, executive director, Connecticut Commission for Educational Technology, was a 2019 honoree for the “Making IT Happen” Award sponsored by the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE).

Casey led the push for the adoption of the ISTE Standards for Students, ISTE Standards for Educators and ISTE Standards for Education Leaders in Connecticut. The Commission’s adoption of all three sets of standards makes Connecticut the first and only state to do so.

He served on ISTE’s technical working group that developed the Education Leader Standards and remains actively involved in ISTE’s Policy Advisory Group. Currently, he’s helping facilitate the adoption of the ISTE Standards for Educators in higher education programs to ensure that teachers can fully leverage technology to personalize and deepen learning for all students.

Casey is known for supporting districts and technology companies in complying with the state’s student data privacy law, helping to ensure the safety of student data while supporting innovative approaches to instruction. 

“Technology holds great potential and has proven a powerful force in supporting teaching and learning at all levels in Connecticut,” said Casey. “It makes perfect sense to endorse the Standards, given ISTE’s global leadership role in educational technology and the extensive research, planning and stakeholder feedback that informed the Standards.”

The Connecticut Commission for Educational Technology, under DAS, is empowered by the General Assembly to envision, coordinate, and oversee the management and successful integration of technology in Connecticut's schools, libraries, colleges and universities. As part of its responsibilities as the state's principal educational technology adviser, it designs and stewards the State Educational Technology Goals and Plan that helps ensure equity of access to technology-based learning solutions.

ISTE is home to a community of global educators who believe in the power of technology to transform teaching and learning, accelerate innovation and solve tough problems in education. The organization inspires the creation of solutions and connections that improve opportunities for all learners by delivering practical guidance, evidence-based professional learning, virtual networks, thought-provoking events and the ISTE Standards.

Read the entire International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE)  press release here.

Doug Casey picture receiving the IT Award 
Left to right are Carolyn Sykora, Senior Director of ISTE Standards Programs; Bill Bass, President, ISTE Board of Directors, Doug Casey Executive Director of CT Commission for Educational Technology, and Richard Culatta, Chief Executive Officer, ISTE.

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