DAS and SCSU Cut the Ribbon on New School of Business Building

How does DAS help to support the state’s ambitious climate goals? One way is to be smart about building the next generation of state facilities.

This morning, the DAS team was on hand to help formally open the new School of Business building at Southern Connecticut State University, the first state-built net-zero energy building in Connecticut.

The DAS Construction Services Division was proud to partner with Southern Connecticut State University and the Connecticut State Colleges and Universities system to make this building a reality, with DAS’s Rahul Abraham serving as project manager and Ryan Davis as associate project manager.

In keeping with the state’s commitment to sustainability, the new business school building includes 52 geothermal wells that provide heating and cooling. The building is 100 percent electric and does not include any equipment that utilizes petroleum-based fuels. Offsetting the electrical loads is a dedicated solar field generating 635 kW of energy.

During the construction process, 2,504 tons of waste was diverted from landfills.

DAS has a great relationship with our higher education institutions as we all do our part to meet the state’s environmental objectives.