About Us

The Connecticut Insurance Department (CID) is excited to announce its partnership with Financial Services (CT IFS) to merge their annual events: the Connecticut Conference on Climate Change and Insurance (C4i) and the Insurance Capitol Summit (ICS). Now titled "Insuring The Future," this collaborative effort will bring together insurance regulators, government leaders, and industry experts to share insights on climate risk, innovation, and technology for the future of insurance.

Climate change is an ever-present and all-encompassing worldwide threat, referring to the rise in the average global temperature caused by a growing concentration of atmospheric greenhouse gases. The result is numerous climatic shifts, including weather-related events increasing in frequency and devastation.

The impacts of climate change can be felt throughout every sector and region, and a solution can only be found through strong partnerships between business and government. This event strives to inspire collective action through cooperation and policy change while providing critical information for communities, businesses, and individuals on climate change mitigation.

"Insuring The Future" aims to foster these partnerships and inspire actionable solutions. By bringing together environmental and climate change experts, insurance industry leaders, government officials, and policymakers from around the world, we seek to address what needs to be done as a global community to combat the climate crisis and safeguard our future.

The climate is changing